2012 Tournaments

The excitement is mounting as we approach our first tournament of the year at Chuck Corica, the Earl Fry course in Alameda on March 18th directed by Sarah Good and Kristina Ramos. The deadline to sign up for this tournament is March 3rd. The Chuck Corica tournament is one of five tournaments that have been selected for this year’s club championship (gross) and player’s championship (net) rounds. I hope you all have taken the time to review Piper’s email outlining the new process for 2012, you may also view it on the new FWGA web site – Club Championship. Please remember that if you wish to compete in this years’ championship, you must contact Piper (shaull415@gmail.com) prior to the Chuck Corica tournament listed above.

The new format will group or flight those that opt in for the championship, whether gross or net, who want to be set apart from the players who just want to play a less competitive round of golf with a fun format, a chance to win prizes, meet new members and have an overall enjoyable golf experience. You may pick one partner to play with again this year, and if you volunteer to direct a tournament, then you and your golf partner can also choose the format for the days play.

If you are interested in playing one or more tournaments, but have not stopped shaking at the thought of it, then come join us on March 24th, , 9-11 AM (golf to follow for those who want to) at Diablo Creek Golf Course.Tami Waddell, Piper Shaull and myself will be hosting a training session on tournaments. This class will not focus solely on directing tournaments, but we will be learning about general tournament play, how knowing the basic rules of golf can work for you in a tournament situation, how your index can benefit you in a tournament, posting ESC scores, fun tournament formats, strategies and more.

Please join us for this unique learning opportunity and muster up the confidence to join us for a couple of tournaments this year. I too was in your shoes when I first joined FWGA, scared to death, thinking I was not good enough to play in a tournament, my legs shaking so bad I felt they would not hold me up! But, with this years’ new tournament outline we have eliminated this intimidation factor for those who are not competing in the club championship. We hope to see all of our members at a tournament or two this year, and as always, if you have any questions, complaints or concerns just let us know.

Della Gutierrez

FWGA 2012 Tournament Director


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